[Takeaway] Tsuta Truffle Yusheng
Tsuta Truffle Yusheng Salmon (Full Portion)
Tsuta Truffle Yusheng Japanese Snow Crab 'Zuwai Kani' (crab shell not included)
Tsuta Truffle Yusheng Scallop Sashimi
Tsuta Truffle Yusheng Kurobuta Pork Loin Slices
[Takeaway] Tsuta Truffle Yusheng
[Takeaway] Tsuta Truffle Yusheng
[Takeaway] Tsuta Truffle Yusheng
[Takeaway] Tsuta Truffle Yusheng
[Takeaway] Tsuta Truffle Yusheng
[Takeaway] Tsuta Truffle Yusheng
[Takeaway] Tsuta Truffle Yusheng
[Takeaway] Tsuta Truffle Yusheng
[Takeaway] Tsuta Truffle Yusheng
[Takeaway] Tsuta Truffle Yusheng
[Takeaway] Tsuta Truffle Yusheng
[Takeaway] Tsuta Truffle Yusheng
[Takeaway] Tsuta Truffle Yusheng
[Takeaway] Tsuta Truffle Yusheng
[Takeaway] Tsuta Truffle Yusheng
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[Takeaway] Tsuta Truffle Yusheng

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Japanese yusheng inspired by the world's first Michelin-starred ramen! 

Topped with Tsuta's house special ramen noodles that are deep-fried till crunchy.

Add on salmon sashimi (half portion (8 slices)/full portion (18 slices)), scallop sashimi, Japanese snow crab 'zuwai kani' (crab shell not included), and/or kurobuta pork loin slices.

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Tsuta Yusheng Highlights

Premium ingredients air flown from Japan, alongside ingredients used in Tsuta's signature dishes, feature in Tsuta's first-ever yusheng! Lohei with Tsuta this Lunar New Year. 

  • Housemade Special Sauce: Made using ponzu (Japanese citrus sauce), plum sauce, and Tsuta's signature custom-blend soy sauce.
  • Signature Black Truffle Oil: Used in Signature Shoyu Soba.
  • Fried Noodles: House special ramen noodles deep fried till crunchy.
  • Mitsuba: Also known as Japanese wild parsley or stone parsley, this native Japanese herb wild parsley or stone parsley has a unique taste & flavour. Air flown from Japan weekly.
  • Kanpyo: Dried shavings of calabash, which is a type of gourd. It has a unique sweet and savoury flavour, as well as a tender and springy texture.
  • Dried Grapefruit: Used in Shio Soba. Adds a tart and bittersweet taste.
  • Cashew Nuts: Used in Kamo Soba Duck Ramen Series
  • Beni Shoga: Julienned young ginger that has been pickled in plum vinegar. The red colour comes from red perilla leaves that are added to the brine for umeboshi.
  • Myoga: These Japanese ginger buds have a very distinctive flavour with a mild ginger overtone. Air flown from Japan.
  • Rakkyo Zuke: A famous pickle from Nikko City, Tochigi Prefecture. It is made by pickling Chinese scallions and has a crisp texture.

These ingredients, along with Kyuri Japanese Cucumber, White Radish, Carrots, Kizami Yuzu, Pomelo, White Pepper Powder and Sesame Seeds, create a delicious yusheng for this Lunar New Year.

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Chef Yuki Onishi has always been bent on creating original flavour profiles. Everything is completely conceptualised by Chef Yuki Onishi with a strict adherence to natural ingredients. Months of research and experimentation come before each master creation is conceived. Every item is the heart and soul of Chef Yuki Onishi’s vision.

Yes, we are the world's first Michelin-starred ramen. But we are not stopping there. Chef Yuki continues to craft items that are innovative yet authentic, underlined by Tsuta’s honour to create without any artificial components.

Photos are for illustration purposes only. Actual product served in takeaway packaging. Crab shell not included with Japanese snow crab meat. Special prices not applicable in conjunction with other promotions, discounts, and/or vouchers. The management reserves the right to amend the details, terms and conditions without prior notice.