Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Where do you ship to?
We currently only ship to Singapore. 

What are your shipping charges? Do you have free shipping?
We provide Standard Courier (Local Delivery within Singapore).
Free islandwide delivery for orders above $70.00!
For orders $35 and below, there will be a $9 flat delivery fee.
For orders between $35.01 to $69.99, there will be a $5 flat delivery fee.

This is a doorstep delivery and parcels may take up to 3 to 5 working days (excluding weekends and public holidays) to be delivered to local addresses. Alternatively, selected products may be self-collected at our outlets. An email will be sent when your item is ready for collection.


I received a defective/wrong item, what should I do?

We are sorry you received a defective/wrong item!
Please email us 3 days from the date of receipt with the following info:
1. Your order and item number
2. Photo of the defective/wrong item

We will get back to you as soon as possible and assist you with an exchange. In the event that the item you ordered is sold out, we will offer you store credits of the item value.

We only offer exchanges or store credits of the item value.  Strictly no cash refund for items purchased from our site.

Enquiries regarding returns will be attended to within 1 to 5 working days (excluding weekends and public holidays). Please refrain from sending us multiple emails as this will mean your email is pushed further up and it will take us even longer to get back to you.

Rest assured we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Q: What is Tsuta Instant ramen?

A: A shoyu-based ramen based on Tsuta’s signature ramen that can be cooked in less than 3 minutes. Enjoy Tsuta Michelin-star ramen in the comfort of your home.

Q: Is it ramen or soba?

A: It is ramen. Although most Singaporeans know Soba as the buckwheat noodles we see here, soba is a common collective noun for noodles in Japan. Examples include Chuka soba and Yakisoba.

Q: Where can I buy Tsuta’s instant ramen?
A: You can purchase Tsuta’s instant ramen at UPshop ( You can also purchase it in-store at our Tsuta outlets.

Q: How many servings are there in a box?

A: There are three servings of ramen in a box.

Q: What are the ingredients used?

A: Noodles (flour, reduced starch syrup, salt/alcohol, kansui, (including wheat in part)) Attached seasonings (soy sauce, chicken extract, chicken oil, bonito extract, clam extract,  Mackerel extract, dried sardine extract, salt, beef extract, fermented seasoning kelp extract, sugar, onion extract, flavour oil (olive oil, truffles), yeast extract, mackerel powder/liquor, thickener (modified starch), caramel pigment, Antioxidant (VE), fragrance, (including some wheat soybean chicken, beef, mackerel)).

Please note the following allergens are present: wheat in noodles, as well as wheat/soybean, chicken beef, mackerel in soup.

Q: How do I cook it?

A: Please refer to the instructions on the side of the box (English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese).

  1. Place the noodles into a good amount of boiling water, and boil for 1 min 30 sec to 2 min (according to your preferred fitness of the noodles).
  2. Pour the contents of the attached soup sachet into a bowl. For one serving, mix it together with about 250cc of hot water. Make sure you add all the contents of the sachet.
  3. When the noodles are ready, put them in a sieve and strain with hot water. Next, put the noodles into the bowl with the soup described in step (2) above, and they’re ready to eat.

Feel free to add other ingredients according to your taste. We recommend pairing with our optional add-on pack of charsiu, menma and ajitama.

Q: When does it expire?

A: The expiry date is 90 days from production. Please check the side of the box for the exact date.


Where can the gift card be used?

Buy our gift card today and we will email you in 2 days of your unique discount code. If you are buying for a gift, do let us know so we can send it to the correct email address. The gift card can be used at or respectively.