Trung Nguyen Legend Drip Coffee - Fusion Blend
Trung Nguyen Legend Drip Coffee - Fusion Blend
Trung Nguyen Legend Drip Coffee - Fusion Blend
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Trung Nguyen Legend Drip Coffee - Fusion Blend

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Trung Nguyen Legend Drip Coffee - Light Roasted Fusion Blend Flavour

Description: A unique combination of light, elegant coffee flavor and delicate fruit aroma that brings an unforgettable taste experience. Strong aroma of fresh fruit mixed with a little bit of lemon peel, strong sweet and sour and light, gentle aftertaste. Convenient to carry, light, easy to transport, suitable for giving to loved ones as gifts. Trung Nguyen Legend Drip Coffee is rigorously selected from the best specialty coffee beans of Vietnam and the world, with the same technology. With the most modern technology combined with mysterious oriental know-how, Trung Nguyen Legend's leading coffee experts have created a masterpiece of Trung Nguyen Legend of excellent quality. Fruity, citrusy aroma. Intense sweetness and acidity. Delicate aftertaste.

Tasting Notes: Fruity, intense sweetness and acidity.

Contents: 1 box contains 10 packets of Arabica coffee

Preparation Instructions:
1. Tear off the top of the bag according to the instructions.
2. Shake bag lightly to spread the coffee evenly around the filter and place the handle fixed on the side of the cup.

3. Slowly pour 20ml of hot water at 90-95°C, covering the coffee evenly. Wait 20 seconds.
4. Slowly pour 100-130ml of hot water at 90-95°C, in a clockwise direction from outside to inside and vice versa.
5. Remove the used filter and enjoy.

Make it in different styles: iced latte, americano, iced americano

Expiry Date: 2 years from date of manufacture as printed on product packaging.

Dietary Recommendation: Suitable for Vegetarians and Muslims (Halal)

Country of Origin: Vietnam. Imported by Mrs Pho.

Storage: Store in a cool and dry place. Avoid direct exposure to heat or sunlight.